The traditional corporate structure concentrates financial prosperity among the few owners and leaders while those who actually run the day to day business are left behind.

We are building a different system that rewards those who actually add value and put in effort. However, this does come at some trade-offs. We will not sell ownership to an investor who is looking for an easy 10x simply because they have money. If an owner stops adding value, they will not reap more benefit from the hard work from those who are actively putting it in.

However, you will be rewarded handsomely for continued employee loyalty. You will be rewarded for creative and useful ideas which directly increases the bottom line. You will even be rewarded for lending the DAO money as long as there is a purpose for it. We believe we have built the right incentives in our tokenomics while driving the right collaborative culture to achieve this vision.

If this is also what you are looking for, join us on discord or have a cup of coffee at one of our events.


Our roadmap is grouped into 5 milestones (M1 - M5) over a span of 2 years. The end of this roadmap does not mean the project is in its final form. Instead, this marks the end of the early team to be the sole drivers of this project to keep innovating, improving, and serving coffee. This is the roadmap to decentralization.