Earn Coffee Tokens

Buy Coffee

The simplest way to earn coffee tokens is to buy coffee at one of our distribution events. See the events page on when the next one is!

Submit, work on, or fund a Proposal

Submit a Coffee Proposal to the Discord #Proposals channel to help improve this project. We do not have a formal proposal format but it does need to have a clear purpose, lay out how much funding is needed, how it can be executed, and what is the expected return this will provide the DAO. See the "Fundraising" section of the Tokenomics page to see the process.

You are not guaranteed CTs when submitting a proposal, but you are guaranteed a spot to work on your proposal and can include the return%, return period, and execution timelines into the proposal.

Current Proposals

CP1 - Coffee Proposal 1 2.16.22

Status: Complete - Loan Repaid

Purchase a $35.00 french press to serve coffee at distribution events. The intention of this proposal was a low commitment solution to (1) test the tokenomics, (2) identify committed members, and (3) create order among a group of strangers.

CP2 - Seattle NFT Museum 3.9.22

Status: Complete

Open the first ever DAO-run brick & mortar business at the Seattle NFT Museum as a pop-up coffee shop! The pop-up shop was open from 4/31 to 5/01.