theCaféDAO (alpha)

The Café Everyone Owns

The first ever DAO powered pop-up coffee stand will be back soon.

White paper draft is now available for review!

Our mission: To open a chain of DAO run cafés

In order to:

• Create an employee-driven business that workers want to join and help grow

• Give customers a voice in the business they support

• Create a business that rewards success, growth and profit by sharing with the whole company; not just the executive team & shareholders.

• Pioneer a new business model that doesn't suck

Why a Coffee Shop

• Coffee is timeless

• Communities collaborate over a hot cup

• We are passionate about coffee

DAOs: The Future of Business

• Everyone has a voice & vote

• The workers are the company

• A community unites and nothing can stop them

Join the Team

• Shape the future of the business

• Connect with a fast growing community

• Help grow the DAO using your current skill set

Get involved in the future of cooperative work