Imitation Coffee Tokens Distribution

We are testing our distribution mechanism using a simple Google Sheets as an improvised MVP before committing to launching this on any blockchain. Before launch, we are using iCTs (imitation Coffee Tokens) recorded on google sheets to mimic blockchain transactions without the high cost of fees. We plan to convert CTs to iCT holders at launch assuming the test tokenomics work.

Initial Distribution

We are attempting to launch this as fairly as possible. No iCTs or CTs will be set aside for any party. All iCTs currently in circulation are from coffee purchases and distributions. The first distribution event was following a $34.65 loan to the DAO to buy a french press to use at distribution events. It was a hilariously small loan but marked a great milestone providing a mechanism for the DAO to move forward and make progress.


There is no maximum CT supply. CTs are created upon revenue generation and CTs are burned to cover operating costs. The remaining CTs represent profit the Café DAO has generated and the distribution of CTs represents how the DAO values the work of the individuals.

If a token holder no longer wants to participate in the DAO, they can reward themselves with the previous value they have added to theCaféDAO by cashing out their CTs. Unlike other tokens, "cashing out" of the project does not impact the fundamental value of each individual CT because it is always backed by the treasury.

This distribution mechanism incentivizes those who are actively adding value to the project, prioritizes those who are currently adding value, and de-prioritizes those who are no longer adding value. This is in stark contrast to the current societal norm where the rich get richer even if they have stopped participating.


How do you know who to airdrop to at launch?

We require participants to submit an ETH address along with their discord handle to receive any CTs.

How do I know you did not make up numbers on the google sheets?

The google sheet is shared publicly and the full history is available to see. We also take a snapshot of the distribution after each distribution event for anybody who wants to see the change week over week. We understand that this is in no way trustless or immutable. We hope we win over your trust if you choose to interact with the DAO. We invite you to help us develop a better interim solution and/or permanent solution!